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Seattle to Rochester - Impossible to Book online - Why ?

New Arrival

SouthWest flies from/to Seattle daily;  SouthWest flies to/from Rochester, NY daily.  SouthWest also flies to Chicago, Baltimore etc from these places. 


However, it is impossible to reserve this route online. Why is this? But we are able to book Seattle to Buffalo.  This was the case even before this virus event. Is there a bug that is preventing reservations for SEA-ROC ? 

Someone please help understand what is going on. Thank you. 


Re: Seattle to Rochester - Impossible to Book online - Why ?

Rising Star

Usually when your unable to book a reservation it's due to the connection time in most places you must have 35-45min for it to connect. 


The 2nd reason you may not be able to book a flight is that Southwest's system won't book a flight with multiple changes of planes it will allow a flight with say 3 stops no plane change (a direct flight) or a 2 stop 1 plane change but it won't allow 2 plane changes on a one way flight. 


Here's what you can do: you can book 2 one way flights or a point to point reservation (online it is called multi city reservation and can only be booked on the full website or though reservations)


example of 2 one ways: SEA-BWI (on reservation 1) then BWI-ROC (on a 2nd reservation) or for a multi city reservation you could do SEA-BWI-ROC this would be on one reservation/confirmation number