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Service to Providenciales

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We are trying to find out if SW will be providing service to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos in December 2020?  We currently have a hotel booking there and have been waiting to book air using our SW points.  If they are not, we need to cancel our hotel reservations to avoid penalty.


Re: Service to Provodenciales

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As of now Southwest hasn’t announced a date to resume service to Turks & Caicos I would keep checking back on the Southwest COVID 19 updates page for the most up to date information on when service will resume. 


With your hotel a lot of hotel companies are being flexible with cancellations because of the virus so I would check with your hotel to see if they will allowed you to cancel later then normal just in case you are unable to book a flight on SW for your vacation dates. 



Re: Service to Provodenciales

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I can find no SW flights thru the end of the current schedule in early January. As said upthread, that may change so keep checking.


American, Delta, and United offer flights thru the end of the year. Jet Blue starts service in 2021.


You can always check here to see which airlines are flying to PLS and from what cities they  do so.