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Shocking experience in using travel funds expiring on different dates.

Explorer C

Booked a flight PHL to MDW confirmation 2GLBM3 which used travel funds of $20 which expires on 9/2/2021 and $29 expires on 7/5/22 $49.98 which expire on 7/11/22. I cancelled this booking because of inconvenient time and was expecting funds going back to original travel funds but to my utter shock and disappointment the funds went back to new travel fund which expire on Sept 2 of this year. Thus to exhaust $20 leftover in travel fund, I am now made to spend now extra $80. So please make available all travel funds available which would expire next year July 11.


We spent whole morning on this. Please make your web pages clearly spell out what happens when traveler uses more than one travel funds.

We have been using Southwest exclusively for last 35 years and we have been using Southwest Visa credit card. Hopefully you resolve ASAP, so that I can start using the travel funds. In short I am requesting making funds available till July 11 of next year.

My phone # is xxx-xxx-2547 or you can reach my wife M at xxx-xxx-5569. My email address is My wife's RR # is 1715XXXXX where we have been accumulating credit cards points for last 25 years.

Thanks & Regards!


Re: Shocking experience in using travel funds expiring on different dates.

Aviator A

That's how travel funds (and vouchers) work -- the earliest expiration date applies. It's always been this way, and it's spelled out in cancellation emails and on the website when you apply funds, although people often fail to read it. (see below)


This is primarily a customer-to-customer forum so to have your complaint seen you'll need to reach out to Southwest directly.


Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Shocking experience in using travel funds expiring on different dates.

Aviator C

You won't get much help here.   We're just community members.   


But the painful truth about using travel funds is they all acquire the earliest expiration date if used to book one ticket.    The closer funds get to expiry, the more careful you must be using small funds on trips you may cancel.   If you bundle them with cash or other funds,  you lose more if they do expire. 


Sorry for your experience.