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Shout out to Southwest!

Explorer C

Just want to say thanks to all of the great folks at Southwest for the great way you are dealing with this crazy COVID-10 situation. Discounting your rates at this time and being flexible with folks' flight changes. My daughter needed to get home to Kansas from Boston as the store she works at there closed and it was so great to be able to get a flight home for her tomorrow for only $132. Thank you!! And thanks for all your team for keeping everything flying!


Re: Shout out to Southwest!

Aviator A

Glad to hear that your daughter was able to get back home.

Re: Shout out to Southwest!

Frequent Flyer A

Happy to hear your daughter was able to fly home safely. Stay safe!

Community Champion | PHL based | ex-Companion Pass Holder | Southwest Passenger

Re: Shout out to Southwest!

Aviator A

Great news, there are some really good fares out there right now.