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Re: Since When Did SWA Start Sucking So Badly

Aviator C

@WheresFrida While you were on hold did you google what makes SWA one of the top airlines?  I just did and don't even want to try and count the enormous number of threads.  My point isn't just to support SWA, but to explain if you googled why do, (any airlines) suck, you will get the same issue you have with SWA, and if you google why are they so good, you get many reasons why.   I can't answer the reasoning for long holds on calls, only that I've been on that waitlist as well.  I don't have that answer, and since I don't fly any other airlines, can't say what hold time on them is.  But I do know across the board, complaints on all airlines have gone up for over a year now.  I hope your next post in the group is about a much happier experience. 

Re: Since When Did SWA Start Sucking So Badly

Explorer C

As an update to this thread, and having had the benefit of cooling down a bit, I can still confirm that something tragic has happened to SWA.  Without going into a litany of post-flight details such as lost baggage, being hung up on *multiple times* by the 'call back' system only to be placed on hold *by the call-back system itself*, SWA flights that were delayed 4-5 hours, forcing my elderly parents to wait at Dallas LUV for hour after hour, I can go on.  This wasn't some once in a rare occurrence -  this was the entirety of their flight to DCA and back to ELP (2Y65TA).  It was horrendous.  And so, yeah, to the guy that asked if I googled why SWA was such a great airline -  I didn't.  But I also know well enough that experiences vary and mine (read: my parents) was a miserable event that has forced me to AA for another flight to DCA this fall.  I just logged on and did it. Hassle Free.  I needed to make an adjustment, called them and was on hold all of 2 minutes until the system asked me if I wanted to be called back.  I did and guess what, 2 minutes later they called me back- AND- they didn't put me on hold again - put me right through to a human being.  


So while all airlines are sucking now, some just suck a little less.  I guess I hoped for better from SWA but until they get their act together, I won't be flying with them for a while. it's just a shame.

Re: Since When Did SWA Start Sucking So Badly

Frequent Flyer A

Sorry to hear about your frustrating experiences, but choosing AA as an alternative may bring you additional frustrations. Best of luck.

Re: Since When Did SWA Start Sucking So Badly

Aviator A

If you fly enough, you will eventually run in to "a trip from hell." All airlines offer them at no cost. It is a fact of life


Good luck on your flight n American. Hope it does not turn into "you trip from hell.

Re: Since When Did SWA Start Sucking So Badly

Explorer C

After flying SWA for many years and flying both "business" and "back of the bus", I learned that SWA does not,in fact care about long time customers, rather, its customers' money


If SWA makes a mistake, its attitude is "sorry, but tough luck"


If a customer makes a mistake, SWA says "how much money can we make off a customer's error?


During a family situation and concern about an employment situation during covid  - with so many things going on failed to cancel flight.  Called SWA immediately after I got a moment but missed the cancellation by a short time. 


SWA ate my $400+ dollars. 

This was at a time when the planes were not anywhere near full so it cost SWA $0.


SWA did not even begin to try to understand, rather they pointed to a policy that I think when back to well before covid (although they never tried to consider the facts)


Ignore any post in this community that suggests calling customer service, because customer service folk that answer the phone have no ability to help.


Thankfully I now live in Atlanta where we have at least  two good airline choices-first class treatment with Delta and a lower cost alternative Spirit  (with many more choices than SWA such as reserved seats etc).


My advice after so 50 years of flying- If you fly and you choose SWA  take a moment and be sure that SWA is your only choice. 


Re: Since When Did SWA Start Sucking So Badly

Aviator A

@JimTex You failed to cancel a nonrefundable ticket and Southwest is the problem?