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SouthWest Credit Card Holder Chase / refund

New Arrival

Hello, I am a credit card holder I book a flight about a month ago is it possible to cancel and rebook for cheaper price. Its a thousand dollars cheaper will they do this?


Re: SouthWest Credit Card Holder Chase / refund

Top Contributor

Yes Southwest will do what you want, although you want to change your reservation as opposed to cancelling and rebooking.

Re: SouthWest Credit Card Holder Chase / refund

Top Contributor

You won't receive a refund to your credit card. But, if you use the "Change Flight" function and rebook the same flight (for the lower price) you'll receive a Travel Fund for the difference. That fund can be used by the original passenger(s) towards new travel, and expires one year from the original purchase date (all new travel must be completed by the expiration, not just booked).


Also, you should check out the policy update below carefully, as it might offer you additional help if you take certain steps I'll not spell out here.

Policy Update & Clarification: Extending Travel Credit