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Re: Southwest Airlines LAST MINUTE flight cancellation

Adventurer C

Same thing happened to us!!!! Flying out of DTW Had a Christmas eve flight. Got an alert 4hrs before that flight had been delayed then nothing. Got to airport and didn't get get notice of cancelation until I went to check our bags!!!! Then, I couldn't even change our reservation on the app, it said visit a ticket agent or gate agent. Yeah right! The line was hours long with 3 hungry kids!!! So I left after waiting an hour to get a hotel for the night and some food. While at the hotel I spend hours on hold and never got through to anyone.  All it said on the app was we were rebooked but no info. So back we went to the airport in the AM Christmas day only to find out the next rebook wasn't until Wednesday! After that I was able to change on the app and was able to get a Monday flight. But it also was canceled,  in fact no southwest flights went out today although the other airlines had flights going out all day. Then I talked to someone else booked with southwest as they couldn't get a flight until the 1st of the year!!! It's a staffing problem for southwest but they are trying to blame it all on the weather!!! The other airlines aren't having these issues to this extent! This is in their control as it is a staffing issue thus we should all be entitled to vouchers for expenses. In our case food and hotel for 4 days!!!! I will never fly southwest ever again!