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Southwest Flight Cancellation Voucher

Explorer C

Hey Folks,


Thanks for reading my help needed. We traveled from Colorado Springs to PHX and due to mechanical issue our plane was given to Las Vegas flight and flight to phx was cancelled. The supervisor at the airport told us that we will receive $200 voucher each via email. it has been 2 weeks and no voucher so wanted to check and see how do we go about getting one?


Thanks a bunch for your comments and guidence!


Re: Southwest Flight Cancellation Voucher

Aviator A

Since this is  customer forum, you won't get an answer to your question here. 


Your best bet is to contact SW Customer Relations

Re: Southwest Flight Cancellation Voucher

Aviator A

That's nice that you are getting a $200 voucher for the hassle you encountered! 


The only time this ever happened to me was when a flight was delayed several hours later than normal (it did eventually take off) and they printed off $100 vouchers right at the gate to anyone who came up to claim one. I was happy lol  


Since yours is coming by e-mail, I'm not sure how long it will take for it to be sent out. You could always message Southwest and ask about it - be sure to give the details of your flight.



Re: Southwest Flight Cancellation Voucher

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In my experience prior to covid when the airport was going to give out vouchers it was done at the airport before you depart (they print them out and hand them to everyone on the affected flight) I’m not sure if that process changed but your best bet is to Contact Customer Relations and they can look in to your flight and hopefully get you the voucher that was promised at the gate. 


Re: Southwest Flight Cancellation Voucher

Explorer C

From a voucher email I received:  "Please allow up to 30 days before this voucher arrives to your email."