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Explorer C

Not sure where to post this, but it needed to be said.


Recently had a bad experience with the Southwest Hotels service and didn't know where else to go.  Tried to resolve with Concierge service and was basically blown off.  Have booked thru service multiple times in the past and have had good experiences, but on most recent trip discovered that I was overcharged by more than $200 per night and pretty sure that I was double-charged on fee (no one will provide a break down on the taxes/fees as it is an estimation.)  I ended up paying $598/night for a room that was closer to $360. 

To clarify, yes, the room booking came with bonus points (but not the additional points for $X, just the incentive for choosing a preferred hotel).  In the past, I did check to current rates and they were very comparable.  It's unfortunate because I have appreciated using the Southwest Hotels service, but can't say that I would trust to use in the future.  And addressing the concern/resolving was the biggest disappointment.  The phone rep was rude and condescending and the email responses weren't much better.

I wanted to get the word out so others hopefully don't make the same mistake I did.  If you do use, be sure to compare rates with the hotel directly.  My booking was a work trip and has created a very uncomfortable situation in the office with my boss. 


On a side note, I have always had great experiences with flying Southwest.  Staff is friendly and super helpful.  Stay awesome and don't change a thing on the Airlines. 


Re: Southwest Hotels

Frequent Flyer B

Was this through Southwest Vacations?

Re: Southwest Hotels

Aviator A

Assuming you received a booking confirmation e-mail,  compare what it said you would be charged with what you actually were charged.


Protest the delta with your credit card company.

Re: Southwest Hotels

Aviator A

Sounds like a poor experience with who handles the hotels for Southwest. I second the suggestion to go through your credit card company to protest the charge. That's usually a very easy way to get these things handled.