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Southwest Stole My Money

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  • I booked online and they took my credit card payment the money has come out of my account I have received no confirmation number or email I called southwest spoke with a customer service rep she stated there is nothing that she can do We called my back the bank advised her to issue a refund she stated that she can’t because they can’t find it. I had to file a dispute with my bank. keep in mind this flight leaves tonight I’m going to see a sick relative and now I can’t go because you guys took my money and won’t issue me a ticket. I am furious.. The way this customer service rep treated me I promise to never use this airline again I just want my money back. Since I’m over corporate travel I’ll make sure we don’t renew with southwest!!!!! 

Re: Southwest Stole My Money

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear of your experience you could Contact Customer Relations and maybe they can help with finding the reservation and seeing what’s went wrong. 



Re: Southwest Stole My Money

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Something isn't quite right here, a reservation doesn't just disappear. The charge on your credit card is from Southwest or did you use an intermediary? Since you claim to do corporate travel, could you have been logged in as another person and booked the flight in their name? You never saw the flight in your Rapid Rewards account?