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Southwest Travel Funds Expiring

Explorer C

Hello my friends,


 I have six different travel funds expiring next year, and I have no plan to take any flight in near future. I know Southwest can re-issue the fund by charging a 100 dollar fee. my question is it possible that i can combine these six funds into one. so i can pay one 100 fee instead of six 100 dollar fee.




Re: Southwest Travel Funds Expiring

Aviator A

Yes you can combine them with just a little work 


You would book a flight that you don't intend on taking using 2 or 3 of the travel funds as long as the funds cover the whole flight. Once booked cancel that flight and use that confirmation number with 2 more travel funds and book another flight and cancel it. Now do it one more time to get the 6th fund and cancel you would have 6 funds combined in to 1. 


Keep in mind if 1 fund expires earlier than the others the new booking will take on the earliest expiration date so when it comes to requesting the voucher you can do that up to 6 months after the travel funds expire so combining could affect your date to request by. 



You start with 6 confirmation numbers (ABCDE&F)

Use Travel fund A B and C to book a flight and cancel 

Use confirmation X (from just booked and cancelled flight) and confirmation numbers D & E to book a 2nd flight and cancel 

Now use confirmation Y (from 2nd cancelled flight) and confirmation F (your 6th travel fund) to book a 3rd flight and cancel. 

You will now have confirmation Z which combines ABCDEF 


Hopefully this helps and makes sense