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Southwest Vacations (ALG Vacations Corporation) is a Scam

Explorer C

Booked a vacation with Southwest Vacations (ALG Vacations Corporation) and made a change that resulted in a partial cash refund. Was told it would take up to 30 business days to get the refund. After 30 business days, no refund and no one knows where it's at. I talked to several agents, and each one said a request would have to be submitted. Each agent was supposed to have done that.


It was verified by an agent that my refund had been sent from Southwest Airlines to Southwest Vacations, but Southwest Vacations lied to me about the refund. I have emails and correspondence from agents stating various different things and contradicting statements.


It is impossible to talked to anyone that can speak english or that knows their job. I have asked several times to speak to a supervisor or a manager and they say that's not possible. I have asked to have a supervisor or manager call me and that's not possible either.


This is the worst company I have ever dealt with, EVER! Scheduling a vacation should be exciting, but with Southwest Vacations, it is a nightmare. Shame on you, Southwest Vacations. Unfortunately, I now have thousands of $ in travel credits and travel funds and have to use Southwest Vacations again. If I run into anymore problems, I will definitely be filing a law suit against them.


Re: Southwest Vacations (ALG Vacations Corporation) is a Scam

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

Southwest  vacations  has a terrible reputation. You are just the most recent in a very long line of very unhappy customers.

Re: Southwest Vacations (ALG Vacations Corporation) is a Scam

Aviator A

Southwest Vacations - despite the name - is not actually run by Southwest. It's a 3rd party platform that Southwest utilizes for flight/hotel packages. Any issues with Southwest Vacations, you will have to take up with them. Due to the pandemic, etc., I would not be surprised if refunds take longer to process than the time they state (30 days). 


I also highly question getting  "partial cash refund." Almost always when there is a change or cancellation with Southwest Vacations and you did *not* purchase their travel protection, you're getting travel credit. If the flight portion of your trip was changed, you could get travel credit with Southwest, *or* an actual refund to your credit card if you booked an Anytime or Business Select fare. 


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