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Southwest changed my flight, what are my options?

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I have a reservation that I made in January for my family of 10 with Southwest Airlines. Our original reservation was a nonstop flight (2hrs) with a departure time of 8:10 am. Southwest changed the flight to a 5:00 am departure time with a change of planes, which adds up to 5.5 hours of travel time. We are traveling with two senior citizens and two small children. We booked specially because these were nonstop flights with as little travel time as possible? Flights are in June, What are our options? We don’t want a refund, just a flight closer to the criteria of the original flight booked (same price, travel time, etc). Anyone know any tricks?


Re: Southwest changed my flight, what are my options?

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It would help to know your origin and destination airports, but even then it may be very difficult to "fix" this situation. Is there still a non-stop flight on the SWA schedule that day? If so maybe try and split the group of 10 so the small kids and elderly are back on the non-stop flight? Have the balance of your group fly on the split flights?

Wish I had more wisdom or tricks to share

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Re: Southwest changed my flight, what are my options?

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There are no tricks, just check the SW schedule and pick what works the best for you and your group. There will be no additional charges for you since SW changed the schedule.

Re: Southwest changed my flight, what are my options?

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A lot of routes are changing and nonstops are becoming rarer to/from certain destinations, in my view. I, too, had an 8AM flight that was changed to 5:30AM. Whenever Southwest makes a schedule change you should get an e-mail about it and you have the ability to change your flights to any other that is available for free! But you have to do it in a certain time frame because the free change benefit does not last forever. So go and change your flight and see what options are available. You may have to deal with a layover, but you might be able to get a better time than 5AM.



Re: Southwest changed my flight, what are my options?

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Can you go to Hawaii "for free" if traveling for a 30 minute flight and the

0 minute got rescheduled