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Southwest initiated changes

New Arrival

I've had 100 Southwest initiated changes so far this year! It's a tough year for all of us. I think Southwest is doing great managing these changes, all have been at least 30 days in advance and often much more.


With all this experience with changes I have a suggestion to assist people when changes must be made.


Show times as AM/PM rather than 24 hour clock. Most customers will understand it better. Should be a simple software change but may help people.


On another related item, when I get a change, I resend an itinerary to my wife and myself. Do so means looking at the details of the flight and selecting "Email". It would help if the normal names that I send itineraries to were available to just select. This is available when making reservations but not when re-sending.


These two minor possible improvements would help me and I believe others. Overall I'm very pleased with the service. 




Re: Southwest initiated changes

Top Contributor

Glad o hear that you seem satisfied.


However you are not making your suggestions to Southwest here. You are talking with other customers. Here's how to tell the airline what you would like to see happen:

Re: Southwest initiated changes

Rising Star

Great ideas, particularly the AM/PM! Some people may like military time ... who are they? 🤣 I think using AM/PM would be helpful.