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Southwest Airlines Community is HORRIBLE - DO NOT RECCOMEND

Explorer C
I have had the absolute worst experience in my entire life with southwest home.scom booking site. I booked an ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP months in advance for my family just to be told that the trip is not all inclusive when I specifically paid additional monies to have an all inclusive trip.

To make my situation worse I have been constantly lied to during the entire process.

I originally spoke with Ray, he then gave me Erick who was a “manager” then was told by Grant that my cancelation was approved and will be processed today....only to call again to have Jalla tell me managers do not work on the weekend and that it may take 3-5 business days for the cancellation to process.

I have called
12/27 11:10PM called to get the details on on my all inclusive package was informed that it is not all inclusive - told them that that is what I paid for.
12/27 11:23PM I talked to Ray and Erick “manager” Ray suggested cancellation of the hotel. Ray said he will put in a request for cancellation and will waive the $75 fee through southwest hotels. 
12/28 1:35AM called and talked to a girl forgot her name to get an update she said she it is still processing
12/28 8:10AM called and talked to grant asked if there is a manager available he said he will check to see but what can he help me with and told me he received an email from the partner and the hotel process will be refunded fully sometime today or early tomorrow.
12/28 10:28AM called again because I didn’t receive an email stating I will be receiving my refund talked to Jalla and she informed that there is no manager on the weekends and that my refund hasn’t been approved it is still being processed through the booking partner. Someone just called the booking partner an hour prior to when we started our call. She said IF and only IF the cancellation is approved that the standard time for processing is 3-5 business days.
My trip is January 3rd. I do not have 3-5 business days. All in all - I decided to call back and ask to disregard the cancellation process. It is my daughters birthday vacation and I am not going to have a party of 8 people to go to Mexico and not be have a possible place to stay. I didn’t want to risk booking a hotel and then have another problem with the cancelation being declined (lack of trust due to multiple lies from customer care team), however, if I keep the reservation it will cost $5040 to get all inclusive.
The interesting part is - if I right now generate the same search for the same hotel and the same package on southwest I would receive the same points, for the same room with ALL INCLUSIVE. FOR LESS MONEY! Absurd right?
I will not recommend services to any of my friends and family in the future.


Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your experience with Southwest hotels. 


Just so you know southwest hotels is using for reservations so you could try to call them directly to see if they can help. If they are unable to help you could try and reach out to southwest customer relations at 855-234-4654 and maybe they can help. 




Aviator A

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I can't say that I can agree that Southwest Hotels (which actually goes through for reservations) is horrible. I have used them almost exclusively for years to reserve hotel rooms and have never had an issue.


My most recent experience was just a few weeks ago -- my flight got significantly delayed and I didn't get to my hotel until almost 2AM (!!). My reservation was still in tact, although I did call ahead and explain that I would be running very late. When I arrived, I saw that the hotel lobby closed at 11PM (!!!), and I had to call an after-hours line and someone thankfully let me in and confirmed my reservation. (It was quite the ordeal lol. The next time I book evening flights I'll make sure I book hotels with a 24 hour lobby!)  


With that said, I've never booked an "all inclusive package" using Southwest hotels. I've only ever booked a standard room at a standard hotel. 


What hotel did you book through Southwest Hotels that claimed it was all inclusive? Where was this (location)? I'll have to research this, because in my experience Southwest has only ever offered rooms at your typical, everyday hotels -- inclusion packages is a new thing to me for Southwest to offer (but that doesn't mean they don't do it). 


Also: hotel rates constantly change. When you book something at Price A, it's very possible the hotel will lower its price closer to the date of arrival. I just had this happen in fact with one of my reservations. A few weeks ago I booked a hotel on Southwest Hotels for $199, and I checked it today and the price dropped to $159. I always book rooms with no cancellation fees (and no prepayment if possible), and so I cancelled and rebooked at the lower rate. It happens ALL the time so I am always on the lookout for decreased prices so I can rebook at the cheaper rate. 




Explorer B

So Jessica you must work for SWA because every time someone has had a complaint you miraculously come up with a SW fixed it for you and you never had any problems