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Still waiting for refund from Christmas 2020

Explorer C

Is anyone else still waiting for a refund of their expenses? It’s Wednesday March 8th. Still no refund for expenses.   Received an email from southwest on January 19 with the & amount, customer ID # and a note telling me to be on the lookout for an email from hyper wallet. I checked my email and spam for the next two weeks never received an email. Then, what seems like a million more phone calls and explanations, my case has now been accelerated and was told today that someone is working on it.  Is anyone else having issues with their refund. 


Re: Still waiting for refund from Christmas 2020

Aviator A

It's unfortunate that you did not realize the HyperWallet email should have come the same day or next day as the notice you received in January. After two days it would have been a good time to start inquiring. As you were informed today that it's being looked at it seems reasonable to give Southwest a few days to get back to you. Perhaps it would be worth following up with on Monday if you haven't received a response by then. Good luck 



Re: Still waiting for refund from Christmas 2020

Aviator A

Both my mom and I received our emails from hyperwallet the next day after getting the customer ID 


you might try searching again in all email folders