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Terrible customer service

Explorer C

I have never in my 34 years experienced such terrible customer service from several representatives in the same company! Lets start with my fiancé and his 12 hour wait at the airport. He'd purchased his flight with apple pay 2 weeks prior the funds were reflected on his ledger and indeed had been taken out. He was given a flight confirmation very normal transaction so we thought.


All the flights are over booked and he's boarding the final flight to Utah when he's told your ticket was cancelled we sent you your money back and we cant accept that digital confirmation. They told him to contact his bank to release the funds with no explanation as to why a service offered by your company such as Applepay was rejected! After speaking to the bank they said they'll be released but it wasn't rejected on their behalf so call southwest customer service. We did so and spoke with Joseph who issued us an entirely new flight at the same rate and assured that it'd be fine to use my bankcard. My fiancé had enough money in limbo with the situation so that's why we used mine.


Joseph sends a confirmation # 3PTDPL and his apologies insuring us that our problems are over. However upon trying to check in we received yet another error message stating the confirmation doesn't exists. After speaking to 5 other representatives that said my bank denied the payment & they don't have managers or anyone that could help I finally spoke with Julie-y101 who said we've been flagged for fraud and the notes state we have to go to the counter at the airport and pay A THIRD TIME! We stayed up until 4am when the ticket counter in ATL had opened and spoke with Brady the "supervisor' who said his hands we're tied he cant assist and we'd need to pay again. Because we were exhausted and he needed to make the flight we did so he paid and we still don't have our funds back, any accommodations of any kind and barely sincere apology! Everyone just kept telling us it was our fault and nothing could be further from the truth! I will never work with this company ever again and we need our funds back as soon as possible or we will seek legal assistance.


Re: Terrible customer service

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your extensive troubles.


I'll only respond to your reference to Apple Pay in the first paragraph. Lots of people ave reported issue it. . It appears you did too.


I'd advise people to not use Apple Pay.


Good luck

Re: Terrible customer service

Explorer C

I would advise them not to offer the service if they're unable to honor it as payment. Ultimately blaming the customers for their mishap. Very unfair and unfortunate.

Re: Terrible customer service

Explorer B




Re: Terrible customer service

Adventurer C

@AmandaCollins15 wrote:

we need our funds back as soon as possible or we will seek legal assistance.

That's definitely frustrating and I'm sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately nobody here can assist you with getting those funds returned because this is a customer based forum.  Since you have already spoken with multiple SW representatives who say they can't assist, you might want to tackle the issue by filing a chargeback through your bank.