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Terrible experience with bookings to Hawaii

Explorer C

I am a 25 year Rapid Rewards member and until recently have had nothing but good experiences with SW. That all changed with a recently planned mini family reunion in Maui. Since we booked our tickets in December and January, SW has moved us on to different flights four different times, even though the original flights were not changed and seats were still available on them. In one instance they put five members of the family, including a 2 year old and a 6 year old on a return flight that got into Oakland after 11 PM and then had a  8 hour layover before a 7 AM departure the next morning. And we weren't even notified but found out purely by chance. Yesterday they moved two family members off of a flight they booked in January and then, apparently sold those seats for three times the points to someone else and I have the computer screen shots to prove it. There are two other similar examples including moving the 6 year old to a separate departing flight seven hours later, all by himself, while leaving four other family members on the original flight. I spoke with Corporate Customer Service and got a case number, but still have one unresolved issue. I see where a gentleman named James Ashworth is there VP of Customer Support and Services and was wondering if anyone had his email address or the email address of another senior member of the SW team that I could address my issues to or any other way to escalate this matter other than just emailing Customer Support (which I have already done). Thanks!


Re: Terrible experience with bookings to Hawaii

Aviator A

I don’t believe that the airline published individuals’ email addresses.


Your best bet is snail mail to either Gary Kelly or the person you names.

Re: Terrible experience with bookings to Hawaii

Aviator A

Unfortunately, flights are changing constantly due to the ongoing pandemic and flight demands. It isn't just Hawaii, but flights all over the Southwest route map. Most of the time you should get an e-mail regarding any flight changes Southwest makes, but there are times this doesn't happen so it's recommended to keep an eye on your flights well in advance of your takeoff in case any changes arise. If they do, you should be able to make changes free of charge for a period of time, and if you have trouble, Southwest should be able to assist you in making changes. Contacting them via Social Media (not phone) is best, as they are often quicker to respond.