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Ticket Transfers?

Explorer C

I made a reservation for 8 people (including myself) to fly in June 2024. The reservation is in my name, but the tickets of course are assigned one per person. If any one of those people are unable to fly for whatever reason when the time comes, would I be able to cancel their flight and transfer their ticket into my name for future use? We booked regular wanna get away tickets. 


Re: Ticket Transfers?

Aviator A

Sorry, but once tickets have been bought they "belong" to the person whose name is on the ticket. So with WGA tickets, theresultant travel funds are not trasferable.


There is a workaround. The person can use the funds to buy a WGA+ ticket and then cancel that ticket. Travel funds tied to a WGA+ ticket may be transferred to another Rapid Rewards member.


Of course Anytime and Business Select tickets may be cancelled for a full refund to the original method of payment,