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Ticket ?

New Arrival

Hi, I went and bought 2 tickets to vegas for myself and my husband. He cant go now due to having surgery. I paid for the wanna get away .....what do I do . He doesnt want to go in the future , Am I out of the price for the ticket ?  TY


Re: Ticket ?

Rising Star

If your husband can get a surgery that says can't travel you could submit that online through the contact us link at the bottom of this page and someone from Southwest customer relations can review your case and see if any refund exception can be done for his ticket. Be sure you still cancel his ticket at least 10min before the flight otherwise he would be considered a no show and they might not be able to help at that point and this way by canceling at a minimum he will have 2 years to use the funds and travel (until September 7th 2022) if they can't issue the refund for some reason.