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Transfer travel funds to vacation package

Explorer C

I was trying to book a southwest vacation package for August. I had some travels funds  for myself and my husband that I wanted to apply/transfer to purchase the vacation package. I was able to apply the travel funds for my husband but I was not able to transfer the travel funds for myself. I was told that since I have two last names that the computer was not able recongize my credentials and would not allow me or the rep to apply/transfer the travel funds to the purchase. I requested to speak to a supervisor but I was not granted my request. I was on the phone with the Southwest rep for 1hr 30minutes. The rep was trying her best to help but I she was not allow to solve my problem. Can someone please advise me on what to do. This is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!  


Re: Transfer travel funds to vacation package

Aviator A

Keep in mind that Southwest Vacations is NOT Southwest Airlines, they are two different companies and you can read for yourself the many, many reports of issues dealing with Southwest Vacations.  I and others here would recommend you not use Southwest Vacations.  If you insist on using them then you are stuck with the service you have already gotten a taste of.  If you decide you want to book the flight directly through Southwest Airlines they should not have an issue getting the travel fund applied to your reservation.



Re: Transfer travel funds to vacation package

Frequent Flyer A

This is a shot in the dark but sometimes  for some reason if you used the same email address in booking, that causes snafu's for different named persons because the email address is somehow used as the identifier for the reservation #