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Transfering Ticker/ Horrible Customer Service

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I purchased two tickets back in Jan 2020.  Unfortunately, due to covid I was unable to travel. Also the person that was suppose to go with me I have no dealings with and there are some legal issues that requires he stays away from me. I reached out to Southwest during this time and asked what would be my options. I was told that I would have to let the tickets expire and then call and request an extension for 6 months. After those six months have pasted then I could call and request to allow those tickets to be transferred into vouchers. Spoke with a Rep today by the name of Krista who did little to nothing to give me any information. She bluntly stated that "she could not speak upon what someone else have advised" and didn't even try to solve the issue.  I also explained to her that the tickets were purchased on my card, under my southwest account, and she still refused to help or offer any help.  In unprecedented times no one is willing trying to lose over 400 dollars. The lack of compassion, empathy, and understanding is something that I am very disappointed in SouthWest; given their entire brand is built on Servant leadership and customer service. 


Re: Transfering Ticker/ Horrible Customer Service

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The information you were given is correct so it's not clear what else you were looking for when you say a rep "did little to nothing to give me any information".  You purchased non-refundable, non-transferable tickets.  As you were told, you can wait until the travel funds currently associated with the specific passengers from the original booking expire, then request they be converted into a voucher which will be good for 6 months and can be used by anyone at that point.  Since you said you purchased the tickets in Jan 2020, it is possible the travel funds have already have expired, depending on when they were cancelled since some funds were given an extended expiration date, so you may be able to do the conversion to a voucher now.  The only info you did not include in your post is there is a $100 fee per travel fund to do the conversion so the value of each travel fund is reduced by $100.



Re: Transfering Ticker/ Horrible Customer Service

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Sorry t o  hear that you are going thru this.


Here is the rule


  After a travel fund has expired, SW allows you to convert the travel fund into a  voucher.

The current fee is $100 per  travel fund. This can't be done before the TF expires, but MUST be done within 6 months of the TF expiration date.


This is done thru the customer relations department


Anyone is allowed to use a voucher, and vouchers are valid for months after issue date.