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Travel Credit for Ticket we paid for and cancelled because Mother-in-Law can't travel

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In September 2020 we purchased a ticket for my mother in law to travel from Dallas to Phoenix in October 2020 but she did not travel by air because she is 85 with asthma and was afraid to be around so many people with COVID-19.  My husband and I flew Southwest to Dallas, rented a car, and brought her here to Phoenix.  We are asking that the credit for her cancelled tickets be moved to our account so we can use the funds to travel ourselves.  We are told only she can use the credit, but she will never fly again and we are the ones who paid for the ticket.  We are not asking for a credit to our credit card, but we are asking that we can use the credit to pay for one of us (me or my husband) to travel in the future.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and understanding.  I've been trying to call customer service but the hold times are over an hour.  


Re: Travel Credit for Ticket we paid for and cancelled because Mother-in-Law can't travel

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Since this a customer to customer forum you won't get any official response here, but I will say what you have been told is the policy and highly unlikely to be changed or deviated from.  Non-refundable tickets can be cancelled, but credit is held in the name of the original passenger.  You can wait until the travel funds expire then contact Southwest and request the expired travel funds be converted to a LUV voucher that can be used by anyone.  That conversion does reduce the value of the travel funds by $100 per fund.  The voucher is then good for 6 months and you have 6 months after travel fund expiration to request the change.



Re: Travel Credit for Ticket we paid for and cancelled because Mother-in-Law can't travel

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call customer service and explain. Southwest was very accommodating after the 2nd leg of a trip was canceled due to my husbands terminal illness and he could never fly again (we ended up having to rent a car and drive home). We were given an email address to send a detailed letter to along with documentation regarding our situation. They will give you a case number. Be sure to keep this number and your emails and be sure to follow up if you haven't had a response in 30 days. It took some time but Southwest was VERY kind and understanding of our situation and issued a refund to my credit card. (I too only asked if they could give me the credit since it was paid for on my credit card - they gave me a refund on my card instead). Things happen. Southwest has always gone above and beyond in extenuating circumstances unlike many of the other airlines.