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Travel Funds Extension

Explorer C

With other major airlines extending their e credits, is Southwest going to follow with extending the travel funds?


Re: Travel Funds Extension

Aviator A

Southwest offered an extension of travel funds during 2020. With large numbers of people flying and the covid situation pretty well known at this point, nothing should be unknown about flying now like it was in 2020 and if you bought a ticket recently I wouldn't expect an additional extension.



Re: Travel Funds Extension

Aviator A

It's not other "airlines." It is one airline -Delta, and so far no   other airline has matched Delta.


and it is for tickets bought this year -- not in years past.

Re: Travel Funds Extension

Frequent Flyer B

The Delta extension does NOT apply to Basic Economy. From a comparison stand point, SWA already offers cash refunds on flights except for "Wanna Get Away" fares AKA "Basic Economy"