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Travel Schedule for October 2020

New Arrival

I just had to book my flight for my wife and I with United for my late October trip because Southwest is only booking until mid-August.  United & American are all the way out to December already.  I even have a companion pass for my wife, but didn't want to take the chance of waiting another 2 months before I booked my airfare.

Very frustrated with Southwest right now. 


Re: Travel Schedule for October 2020

Top Contributor

Southwest is doing what it always does: it opens bookings 6-7 months out.


I would have thought that a companion pass type like yourself would know that.


If it's more important to buy tickets now for a flight 9 months from now than it is for your wife to fly free, you did the right thing.


On or around 3/12 SW will open the schedule thru 10/31.


If you bought your tickets less than 24 hours ago, federal law gives you the right to cancel and get your money back - in case you are having second thoughts.