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Travel credits

Explorer C

Very disappointed with the response that we received from customer service about our travel credits. We booked flight for a wedding in 2020 and then COVID hit. We canceled our flights because the wedding was cancelled and no one was flying. Now with the pandemic easing the wedding has been cancelled and we want to use our credits for a flight on October 14th. When we looked at our credits they expire on September 7th. We called customer service and they instructed us to email the customer service to see if we could get a 1 1/2 month extension. The response from customer service was that the funds needed to be used by September 7th (not just purchased) and there is nothing they can do. I have always enjoyed flying southwest, but now that they have taken our funds and will not refund them or extend our credit for a small period of time, I will think twice about ever booking with them in the future.


Re: Travel credits

Aviator A

SW already extended the expiry date of your fund BY OVER A YEAR. It did not have to do that, but it did. Darn it, you can't please everybody...


Instead of taking a nice flight on October 14, why don't you take one before September 7.

Re: Travel credits

Frequent Flyer A

I hate to be perceived as a shill for SWA, but Southwest has been selling 3 tiers of fares for well over 10 years. They are very clear about refundable versus non-refundable purchases. It appears in this case they have extended the validity of travel funds by at least 1 year, 2 years overall), this is more generous than any other airline, (most other airlines subtract punitive rebooking fees to credits from cancelled flights even when they extended usage windows for Covid.) Rules are rules.

I am sorry to hear you are disappointed but make the best of it, travel sooner. In the future pay for refundable tickets no matter what airline you choose.

Safe travels