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Travel fund expiration issue

Explorer C

Have three travel funds (myself and my son) expiring in the middle of December. As you all know, most of this year we can travel due to the Covid. I know SW used to allow you convert funds to points but that only apply to the funds expiring in Sep. Since Sep, the situation has not improved at all. I am not able to use those funds for sure. I called SW and was told no extension. Any suggestions? 


Re: Travel fund expiration issue

Aviator A

Unfortunately, Southwest has made no additional exceptions, despite the worsening of the pandemic. To take advantage of the covid accommodation, you would have needed to cancel your flight (or use your funds to book a new one and then cancel it) before September 7, 2020.


At this point, the only thing you can do would be to reach out to Customer Relations (not the reservation line) after they are expired and request reissue as a voucher. The fee for this is $100 per fund/person, which is deducted from the funds balance. (If you have multiple funds for the same person, consider booking a dummy reservation and then cancelling, which will have the result of combining funds thus reducing the number of $100 fees applied.) You have 6 months after expiration in which to make the voucher request, and the voucher will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Vouchers are valid for the airfare portion of travel only, not any taxes or fees.


Contact Customer Relations