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Travel funds/luv voucher

Explorer C

Hello.   Is there a way I can see my travel funds available and luv vouchers without confirmation codes? I cant seem to find them  and unsure of the codes and confirmation numbers. Thanks  


Re: Travel funds/luv voucher

Aviator A

With travel funds: if you have a rapid rewards account and your RR number was on the reservation before you cancelled then yes you can see the funds available by logging in to your RR account and go to the "my account" section of the app or website and you should be able to see the funds available. 


With LUV Vouchers: unfortunately those won't be attached to your RR account unless you book a flight with the voucher and cancel the flight then that cancelled flight becomes a travel fund which you can see in your RR account. 


If you don't have a RR account then unfortunately you would need the confirmation numbers to look up travel funds. 


RR means rapid rewards or rapid rewards account