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Travel funds to voucher process

Explorer C



As I type this message, I've been on hold for 1 hour and 56 minutes trying to reach Customer Service about converting expired Travel funds to a voucher. The message says expect delays due to COVID19....but C'mon! It's been over 1 1/2 years since COVID19 started! Southwest should have adjusted to take of their customers by now! 

I called in May 2021 to use travel funds and learned I missed the extension deadline by 3 days!!! Anyways, I was offered the option of a voucher minus $100.  They said "it could take about 20 days". I accepted since we plan to use voucher in August 2021. 


As of July 21, we have received no notification or voucher posted to account.  ALMOST 3 MONTHS!!! Thank God this is a free process... WAIT I'm being penalized $100 for this!  One would think the money is used to pay for the process...right? 


I'll not post Record locator here, but if anybody from LUV (not getting any now!) care to follow up, please send email. 


Luis/Wanda Mendez


Re: Travel funds to voucher process

Aviator A

Sorry to hear your stuck on hold so long. Yes Covid-19 may have started 1 and a half years a go they are still feeling the effects including staffing shortages which is the same with every other company and without staff no one can answer the phone. 

your best bet is to stay on the phone and they will get to your call as soon as possible. I would search your email for here is your southwest LUV voucher in case it came and you just missed it. Keep in mind the voucher would be emailed to you and it wouldn’t be in your rapid rewards account. 


Re: Travel funds to voucher process

Explorer C

Thanks for reply! I searched email with every permutation that I can think of. Nothing. Nada. I'll try phone again (had to hang up after 2:17 hours). I'm running out of time to book a good fare, so this is a painful wait.