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Travel funds

New Arrival

I've read the other comments about using two different travel credits, but I just don't understand. I'm using two credits which will still require me to pay the balance with a card. Why is the system not letting me use the funds in full? 


Re: Travel funds

Top Contributor

Were there other passengers on the original trip?  Each passenger can only use their portion of the original cost.  $300 trip with 3 passengers means each passenger has $100 to in travel funds.  You can verify the amount on the fund here:


Also, new trip must be completed before the expiration date of the fund you are trying to use, but it doesn't sound like this is the problem.



Re: Travel funds

Top Contributor

Are you using a LUV voucher by chance? If so LUV vouchers don't cover taxes which might be why you still owe money with part of the voucher applied but not all of it. 


Also as mentioned already if your original flight had others on the same confirmation number you can only use the funds attached to your name.