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Unable to buy a ticket

Explorer C

This has been happening for months with both my account and with my GF's account and it's beyond infuriating. We locate the fare, put in payment information, everything looks good, then click Purchase and the button turns grey and displays "..." for a second or two, then turns back yellow with Purchase. No error messages or anything, it just refuses to accept the purchase.

I have tried on multiple browsers, cleared cookies/cache, and tried on different computers on different internet connections. I thought it had something to do with using a LUV voucher or travel credits, but it also does it when trying to book with points.

The only way I can buy a ticket is with the mobile app on my phone. Has anyone else had this issue?


Re: Unable to buy a ticket

Aviator A

That's very odd. No error? It just doesn't go through? Have you tried while logged in and logged out of your RR account? Try without a RR number on the reservation? 



Re: Unable to buy a ticket

Aviator A

Maybe check the page for a highlighted area that you might have missed.  

several people have missed the box for the CVV code make sure you enter all the info if it still gives you problems try calling reservations 800-435-9792 or try logged out to see if that helps as previously suggested

Re: Unable to buy a ticket

Aviator A

How are you paying normally? Credit card? Is all of your information entered correctly? (You'd be surprised how many times I mistype my CC or the CVV)