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Using Southwest Partners - Hotels, Cars, etc.

Aviator C

Whenever I book a flight, I'm asked if I want to rent a car or hotel through Southwest.  I would like to hear generally everyone's experience with doing so.  I typically make each reservation myself.


Re: Using Southwest Partners - Hotels, Cars, etc.

Aviator A

Unpopular opinion, but I book hotels often. Generally though I will book a flight first and the hotel second, I don't book them combined normally. I can count on one hand the number of times I've ever rented a car, but I have used Southwest at least once to book a car. No problems. 



Re: Using Southwest Partners - Hotels, Cars, etc.

Aviator C

I do pretty much the same as Jessica.  And I book a hotel that is giving out larger amounts of points for staying.  Often more than what I could bargain shop for, but in the long run, helps me get the companion pass 10 years running.  I use to do a rental car, but found out that you normally pay more using SW partners.  I just add my frequent traveler info to my rental car company and get the 600 points that way.