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Using account credit

New Arrival

I am planning on booking a flight that costs around $375.  I currently have $200 in account credit on a previous confirmation number that I failed to include my rapid rewards number on.  I also have another $175 in credit from another confirmation number that includes my rapid rewards number and shows under my rapids rewards number account.  Can I combine these two account credits to pay for this new flight?  How would I combine them?


Re: Using account credit

Top Contributor

No need to combine the travel funds and the RR account number has nothing to do with your ability to claim them.  During payment you will need to enter the confirmation number from the travel funds and apply it to the purchase.  When your RR account number is associated with the travel fund it appears in your account, but again, that does not affect your ability to use the funds.



Re: Using account credit

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As stated if your RR number is attached or not doesn’t matter. all that matters is that the name on the credit matches the name for the new flight you book. LUV vouchers can be used by anyone but travel funds only apply to the name attached. 

you can use up to 3 forms of payment to pay for a reservation (2 TFs plus credit card or 3 TFs if the funds cover the whole reservation) 



Re: Using account credit

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Should not be a problem to combine the 2 travel fund credits on the new single purchase as long as the the first and last names on the travel funds match exactly to the first and last name on the new reservation!

Re: Using account credit

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You can use up to 3 forms of payment when making a reservation, so it sounds like your 2 travel funds will be enough to cover your flight, so you should be good to go!