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VERY disappointed in Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

My family has always flown Southwest airlines...but this may just be the last! During all of this COVID-19 pandemic craziness my mother had flights out to visit for my bridal shower.  When my bridal shower had to be cancelled due to the pandemic Southwest airlines will not reimburse you for your flights, but instead only put your money towards future flights.  Which is already ridiculous they should just reimburse you especially during these crazy times with the pandemic.  Today we went to make my mom's flights to come out for the wedding.  On the way back she is flying with my grandmother since my grandmother is unable to travel by herself.  I had called customer service FIRST to ask if we could apply the money to their flights...."sure not a problem just call us if you have any questions." Go to book their flights and it will only allow the money to go towards my mom's flight because the money is only tied to her name.  NOT ALLOWED TO USE IT TOWARDS MY GRANDMOTHER'S FLIGHT WHICH MY MOM IS BOOKING TOGETHER WITH HERS! Well that's not what we were told! So I call customer service AGAIN and all they can do is say, "Well, that's not able to be done." AND the person I spoke to on customer service the second time was very rude and raising her customer service skills.  If they aren't going to reimburse you your money they should at least allow you to apply the money to the flights that YOU are booking on YOUR account regardless of the passengers.  If you are booking a flight for two, three, or four people YOUR money should apply to ALL of the passengers (what if you're flying with your kids??).  It's not like you are giving a ticket to someone else.  It's your money that THEY are holding hostage from you!  Very disappointed and disgusted with Southwest and their terrible customer service.  This might just be the last time we fly with them and I will not recommend anyone to fly with them ever again. 


Re: VERY disappointed in Southwest Airlines

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you are disappointed in the policy that you agreed to when you bought the ticket. If you buy a wanna get away fare that ticket is nonrefundable and non transferable. What this means is if you need to cancel you will get a travel fund for the passenger who was originally booked to travel and only that person is able to use those funds. This policy is the same at every other airline that I am aware of right now and no airline is giving a cash/credit card refund on a non refundable ticket only travel funds 


On another note Coming soon southwest will have a feature where you can turn in your travel fund in to rapid rewards points which you could then use to buy a ticket for anyone. This is far more generous than other airlines who say fully non transferable. I'm not sure when this will be available but hopefully in the next few weeks. Keep in mind the passenger with travel funds would need a rapid rewards account for this option. 


If you would like to share your feedback with Southwest directly you can do so though one of these methods Contact Customer Relations 


- Blake 

Re: VERY disappointed in Southwest Airlines

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Southwest is going by their standard policies here: 1) nonrefundable tickets are nonrefundable, *unless* Southwest cancels the flight, then you are eligible for a refund 2) travel funds can only be used for the person who purchased the ticket, and they are not transferable to other people. Sorry for any confusion or disappointment.



Re: VERY disappointed in Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

I am in the same situation wich for my is utterly disappointing I bought 4 plane tickets back in March to travel to Cuba with my family but after numerous calls, southwest says that the tickets under the getaway fare are non-refundable even when:

U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Enforcement Notice Clarifying Air Carrier Refund Requirements, Given the Impact of COVID-19

link below.

Let me let you guys know that I am a current A-list preferred RR member and I flight with southwest more than 100 times a year.....for several years.

Re: VERY disappointed in Southwest Airlines

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@Leonardo83 wrote:

I am in the same situation wich for my is utterly disappointing I bought 4 plane


I suggest you read that enforcement notice. Here's basically what it says:


1) Airlines  must offer refunds on refundable tickets


2) Airlines must offer refunds whenever airlines cancel  flights


That's exactly what Southwest is doing.