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Waiting to add pet until airport check-in?

Explorer C

We're (hopefully) supposed to fly out of DEN on Saturday afternoon.  I had been waiting to add my pet to the reservation, because I learned the hard way that once she's on there, I can't make any changes online - such as rebooking when the fare drops or changing the flight.


I can't get through to SW on the phone to add her now, and I'm honestly a bit afraid that if I do get her added and our flight is cancelled, I won't be able to cancel or rebook myself online or in the app. 


Does anyone know if it's allowed to add a pet at the airport, or do they have to be on the reservation in advance?  Thanks!


Re: Waiting to add pet until airport check-in?

Aviator A

The concern I would have is you get to the airport and for one reason or another they don't allow the pet on the plane, then what? I would strongly advise waiting on hold and getting the pet added to the reservation despite the potential for issues working with the reservation later.