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Way too long of a wait time for telephone customer service

Explorer C

The wait time to get a hold of customer service on the telephone is extremely long. I was on hold for 80 minutes and still did not get anybody or an answer. How is this customer service? I have been a customer with Southwest since 2007. If you really value the customer over their wallet explain this wait time. Explain the wait time since you are so transparent with us. This is the worst telephone customer service I have ever experienced in my 37 years of life. 


Re: Way too long of a wait time for telephone customer service

Aviator A

@GuacisExtra wrote:


I don't know how many times this situation has been discussed on the forum. It's at least in the multiple dozens of times.


When weather and mass schedule changes happen  <they both did>, thousands of people contact the airline at the same time. The result: jammed phone lines. The airline COULD staff customer service, for the worst case scenario, but that would lead to higher ticket prices. Is that what you want? Further, all of those "extra"  customer service people would be sitting on their butts with noting to do the vast majority of time.


As has been said MANY times here, use twitter, facebook or e-mail instead -- see contact us below.


The cell app chat function is also an alternative


Stop driving yourself crazy and use one of the other options.

Re: Way too long of a wait time for telephone customer service

Aviator A

I'd take 80min over 42 hours on Delta as an elite member. 

Re: Way too long of a wait time for telephone customer service

Explorer C

Here is my case. I had some duplicate booking between Hawaii and Bay area ( to allow for travel flexibility) , the auto cancellation system would kick in at 1 AM CST every night and would randomly cancel either my companion ticket or my ticket jeopardizing my plans. Once it auto cancels tickets on Companion pass it's hard for a user to make any change via app/website, so your only hope is Customer service.


Details on Auto Cancellation :


I tried reaching the Call Center several times in the last 3 days via Social Media DM's , Case Tickets, and also over phone. No replies and the phone never gets connected. Last night it was more than 150 mins yet no reply. 


Finally in one of the community discussion got to know about chat option via the App and used it this morning.


Took about 12 mins to get a Representative ( #7 in line)  and the Chat Rep was pretty good. Solved all my queries and cancellation requests in 5 mins straight. ( only downside is that you need your RR No and Confirmation codes written down or on system) . So I would suggest chat is better option when available compared to all other platforms reaching the customer service.