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Well, we have another 25% off sale

Aviator A

This time for various beach locations.


As is always the case the time period is a "dead time" for travel. Keeping fares high would have meant a lot of unsold seats - people can;t afford to travel. 






Re: Well, we have another 25% off sale

Aviator A

I saw this earlier today and find it interesting they are taking a page out of the ultra low cost carriers' playbook and doing these promo code sales now.  Until recently I had only heard of one discount code for Southwest and that was when they had the major system meltdown years ago.  Now we've got a different promo code every few weeks.  I think it's great marketing since people love "sales", I'm curious if prices are artificially elevated prior to the announcement of the sale.



Re: Well, we have another 25% off sale

Frequent Flyer A

I poked around to see about taking a long weekend on a beach in November and on the weekday to weekends I could take off, the promotion would not work (the days were in the correct available window, but I got an error message saying the discount could not be applied.) I was able make the discount show up on a window of days that I can't personally make work. So it appears they are controlling availability of the discount based how full the planes are already not really across the board on the dates they have listed.

Pretty narrow discount, but it's their airline so, so be it.  

Re: Well, we have another 25% off sale

Aviator A

Works for me! I'm flying to MIA in Jan and can use this, but funnily enough, I didn't have to enter the promo code to get the discount. The % off was already applied when I looked up the flight. I entered the discount code anyway just to check and the price was the same as when it was not entered. 



Re: Well, we have another 25% off sale

Adventurer B

I too grabbed a lower fare to TPA in Dec for my mom. A few weeks ago the points were ~8,066, last week ~9515. Yesterday at the beginning of the sale they dropped to ~4866. This morning 6515.