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What is happening?

Explorer C

What the heck is really happening??? I have had 4 or 5 cancellations to my flight. What’s horrible is that it has nothing to do with the weather now. Not where I’m going. I’m really upset because I’m at the point where I don’t know what to do now. 


Re: What is happening?

Aviator A

Well this mess started out as a weather problem - maybe thru Saturday or early Sunday.


Now it a uniquely Southwest problem. Because Southwest flies point to point mostly (as opposed to hub and spoke like American or Delta) cancellations put planes and crews in the wrong places and it is taking a long time to get them back where they need to  be. There also appears to be staffing issues at Denver (and maybe  other places, too) where SW doesn't have enough people to load/unload bags. That's impacting SW in a big way at it's biggest airport. Reports are that quite a few people called in sick.


What can you do? Keep watching. Potentially develop alternatives - flights on other airlines etc.  and try your best to be patient

Re: What is happening?

Adventurer C

An historic event and an epic Corporate failure. Something that will be written about and diagnosed in business journals for some time. Hopefully, SW leadership has the fortitude to enable a "lessons learned" and implement the required corrective actions.


I suspect, like many major companies today, they have been distracted from their core mission and have involved themselves in unnecessary debates, politics and trying to appease others (think Disney for example) while losing sight of why they are in the airline business and that is: To get people from one place to another in the most efficient and cost effective manner with the highest standards of customer service.