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Whats up with all the cancelled flights

New Arrival

I have been traveling for the last two weeks on Southwest and I think every single flight and connection has had issues.  I have gotten excuses ranging from Weather computer is down to Weather issues in Chicago.  The impact on travel has been huge.  Delays range from 6 hours to next day (get a hotel room) and no offer of apologies or reimbursement.  If this was once, it would be believable; but on every single flight makes me wonder if I should switch my primary airline.  Is everyone else seeing the same problems or am I just unlucky the last couple of weeks.


SW used to be my favorite airline but I'm wondering if they can be relied on for future travel.  Hopefully this is temporary.


Re: Whats up with all the cancelled flights

Top Contributor

There has been weather all over the country the last few days and this causes delays across the route network. With the outages yes those were rough but technology isn't perfect. 


You could always reach out to Southwest Contact Customer Relations to see if any compensation could be issued.