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Where's my travel funds??

Explorer C

I booked a flight using my RR number and a credit card on file (cash).  Later I canceled the flight and the dollar amount went into travel funds.  I just booked another flight and used the available travel funds towards the payment.  The fund balance was only $5.60 which was tax from a different canceled flight purchased with points.  I began researching the missing funds.  I was required to search by confirmation number, luckily I did not delete the flight information and found it in an old email.  Too late now, I'll have to use the funds for another flight.  Grrrr! 


Here's what gets my goat, why does SWA play this game?  I book all my travel under my account that has my RR number and credit cards on file.  If I cancel a booking the funds should automatically go to the funds available account and then appear the next time I  purchase a ticket, I shouldn't have to go find them.     


Re: Where's my travel funds??

Aviator A

If you did book the reservation with your RR on the reservation the resulting travel funds should appear in your account.  This function/feature was added awhile ago, perhaps 2 years.  Log into your account on and at the top of the page to the right of your name it shows the total value of travel funds available.  In the Southwest app go to your account and scroll down to the bottom of the page, your travel funds are there.