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You think SW Cares?

Adventurer C

Heck No! They’ll come back with the same lame excuses the next time they have a huge F-UP like they just had. They like to blame weather for a week when it’s only relevant for a day at the most. Bob Jordan is the head clown at the joke of a company.



Re: You think SW Cares?

Aviator A

You sure can find some snappy gifs!

Re: You think SW Cares?

Adventurer C

I hope they care enough to fix their internal problems. They were good for a long time but SW really dropped the ball this time.


We became addicted to booking SW because of the opportunity to get a non stop flight to our destinations. Other carriers didn't seem to offer the large number of non stop flights that SW offered. Will we look at other carriers again? Yes, but those non stop flights are nice.


Half of the country just voted to continue with record high high inflation, recession and a tanking stock market so people don't always make the best decisions for themselves.