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cancel a passenger on my flight

New Arrival

Morning!  I need to cancel a passenger that is on my reservations, but I can't seem to just cancel hers without canceling mine.  I'm sure I'm making something hard that's super easy!  Help! 🙂


Re: cancel a passenger on my flight

Top Contributor

Unfortunately at this time you can't cancel just 1 person off of a reservation online you would need to reach out to Southwest at 800-435-9792, use the in app chat feature, or reach out to Southwest on Facebook/Twitter for assistance. 


I find social media and the in app chat to be the quickest as wait times on the phone will be long. 


If the other passenger doesn't need to use the funds right away you could also cancel the other passenger at the airport at the ticket counter since you can cancel up to 10min prior to departure.