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change flights

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Hello, I received an email from southwest changing the schedule of a flight I had for July. I do not want other schedules because they do not fit into the organization of the trip. Is it possible to refund my money?



Re: change flights

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To request a refund you would need to reach out to southwest at 800-435-9792 or you could reach out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter.


If you still need to fly you can always look at the schedule and choose any available flight you want that would work better for you without paying any difference in fare. You should be able to make that change online should you want to take a different flight. 



Re: change flights

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They have solved everything thank you very much (Lauren) Southwest Airlines

we will fly again

Re: change flights

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* SWA *  please get some consistency to this process


In the last 3 days I have got notifications (4) different ways, none of them consistent, nor appropriate to give adequate information to accept the change.


1) Email (usually best and most thorough), with old and new itinerary and chance to rebook as needed to meet my schedule


2) Email with NO itinerary, no dates (not acceptable, since I usually have 20-30 flight booked))


3) Personal call (Never acceptable, as we all have other things going on + we seldom will have our itinerary off the top of our head, nor able to make decisions without seeing full schedule of options, and reviewing with out personal obligations.


4) Txt that says locator number xxx has been changed.  research that locator and find No email (?)  (don't know original schedule, must go back and re-create it.)


SWA has 'Room for Improvement" in determining ONE comprehensive and consistent way to communicate your changes,


Much appreciated.