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charged double

New Arrival

Beyond words of disappointment, npurchased a ticket by mistake under my name didn’t notice until confirmation email came. After 2 days attempting customer service to correct the issue is get a very nice rep on the phone that informs me first no problem then turns to well since it’s under the wrong name I can give you a credit but you have to purchase a new ticket that can’t be used with your credit😳 needless to say my day has not started off very well and with pricing going up and now this I will be using southwest as a last result sorry I wasn’t perfect I am just human but didn’t think in million years small human error would cost two airline tickets.



Re: charged double

Top Contributor

If you had noticed the error within 24 hours of booking you could have cancelled and received a refund back to the original form of payment.  I don't see how you can be upset at Southwest in this situation and I think all other airlines would have given you similar answers.  You have a full year to use the credit.