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flight canceled

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My flight was cancelled, and I have been trying to get in touch with customer service; and I have been on hold for 1.5 hours. That is ridiculous, no one should have to wait this long. There was a flight at 630 pm which was still available but I have been on hold for so long it is full now. I understand weather can cause cancellations but you need to hire more people to help with these types of issues. Or bring in more personnel when you know a weather event will be delaying flights to help your paying customers. Very frustrating and disappointed in an airline I like to use but will start to look at other airlines. 


Re: flight canceled

Top Contributor

You should be able to rebook yourself online -- there should have been a link in the email you received regarding the cancellation.


If that's not possible for some reason, try reaching out via Twitter or Facebook direct message, it's generally faster than calling.

Re: flight canceled

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Sorry to hear of your problems.


You might be able to rebook   in several different ways:


1) Online at

2) via the Southwest cell app

3) via twitter or facebook (don't include personal info  tilyou enter DM mode

4) If you have time, e-mail is also a possibility