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flight change

New Arrival

I received a notice that Southwest changed my flight. Yes, they changed it so I miss my connecting flight and miss Thanksgiving with family- no thank you!!

I was left on hold for 2 hours yesterday and now 2 hours again today. I can't stay on hold all day when I have to work for a living. This is crazy!! Did they shut down customer service?? This is insane! Why would someone change your flight so you can't reach your destination?

The website won't let me make changes- informs me to call. No one answers the phone- what they expect me to do now? and the flights were not cheap by any means- was paying double. Not the issue- just want to get to my destination. Hertz, here I come!


Re: flight change

Rising Star

I normally contact Southwest on social media - they are pretty responsive on Twitter for example, but I can only imagine they are getting slammed due to all the changes as of late.


Good luck! I am trying to change one of my flights too. I am at their mercy lol.