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grandchild traveling alone

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what id requirements are there for a 14 yr old traveling alone?  she will not need an escort and does not have a driver's license yet.


Re: grandchild traveling alone

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I think you'll find everything you need to know on the Young Travelers page on Southwest's site. 


Access it here.


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Re: grandchild traveling alone

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I read the page and it addresses younger  and older but not the 14 yr old id requirements

Re: grandchild traveling alone

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The only "ID" for the child you will need while dropping off is proof of the child's age, like a birth certificate.


Dropping off

  • Arrive at the airport early. Review our suggested airport arrival times. Be sure to allow enough time to park the car, go through security, and check in at the gate.
  • Stop at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter if you wish to obtain an escort pass, which is required to accompany the child through the security checkpoint. Be sure to have the following documents to complete the check-in process:
    • A copy of the child’s itinerary
    • Proof of the child’s age (birth certificate, etc.)
    • Your valid, government-issued ID (required to get an escort pass)
  • It is recommended that you stay in the gate area until the YT’s flight is in the air.
  • Call the parent/guardian picking up the YT to let them know that the flight has departed.



Re: grandchild traveling alone

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No ID is required for a 14 year old when flying domestically.