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rebook flight

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I received an email stating my flights have been changed. Previous Itineary Flight# 0234 MDW 09:20am January 11, 2021  SAN 11:55am non-stop to Flight # WN1236 MDW 09:15am SAN 13:25pm non stop>.  return flights flightn#5773 03:30pm  MDW 08:25pm non-stop.  Changed to January 25, 2021  flight# WN4963 SAN 14:10pm 19:10pm HJWPH 20:05pm to MDW flight WN568 this flight has a lay over I DO NOT WANT A LAY OVER, I WANT A NON STOP FLIGHT.  There is a fl;ight leaving SAN at 10;55am on January 25th and arrive MDW at 4:50 pm on the 25th of January.  I want that non-stop flight.  I would like all points return to me because the flight are less than what I original paid.  



Re: rebook flight

Aviator A

First off for your protection please edit your post to remove the confirmation numbers as this is a public forum. 


With the schedule changes when the airline makes a change to your flight you are entitled to a free change to any other flight that you like better (within 14 days of your scheduled flight and with the same city pairs) you can give reservations a call at 800-435-9792 and they should be able to assist in getting you on the flight you like better. Since you are saying the one flight that you want is cheaper now than what you paid you can change it online and the points will be refunded to the account in which they came from. 



Re: rebook flight

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Note that, if you try to make the change online, the system may allow only a free change -- if so, you'll see a banner telling you of the specific criteria. In order to recover any points difference (if the new flight is cheaper), you'll need to cancel the old flight and book the new one from scratch (not use the change flight function). I'd recommend booking the new one first, to make sure it's available at the fare you expect, then immediately cancelling the old one.

Re: rebook flight

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Hi @aidd51d1 you may have noticed I edited the personal information (confirmation #) out of your post for your safety and per our Community guidelines. Apologies for any inconvenience the schedule change has caused. As @bec102896 mentioned, please give reservations a call at 800-435-9792 to assist and see what non-stop options they can provide.


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