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transfer funds for non refunable ticket?

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Is it possible to transfer a ticket from my son's name to my name and change the flight destinations? 


The ticket wasn't purchased under my SW rapid rewards acct as for some reason it wouldn't allow me to buy a single ticket for just my son. I would've needed to purchase a ticket for myself too and I'm not going on the trip. Anyhow, I just learned there's strict travel restrictions for the destination and now he isn't going to go. I thought I'd transfer the funds to a ticket for myself but I'm not seeing an option to do that. I seen in another post where SW was considering allowing customers to transfer funds. Has the policy been updated to reflect these sort of changes? 


I did attempt to call SW but no luck there so I'm here. I haven't cancelled the flight yet, its a non refunable flight but it does say transferrable so I'm confused. 


Re: transfer funds for non refunable ticket?

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See my reply to your other post about potential for a cash refund. There is no current transfer option. My other reply has more details.