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Re: wanna get away flight

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Not true. My flight is oversold by 4 seats.


Absolutely terrible to be stuck out of town because of Southwest irresponsibly over selling flights. Will never fly Southwest again

Re: wanna get away flight

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Southwest does not over sell flights but does change plane types, although SWA flies all Boeing 737's they also fly different series' of the 737. 737-700 series has 143 seats(for sure) while a 737-800 series has 175 seats(I believe.)

If the physical plane changes from an 800 series to a 700 series they will be short seats and this can be perceived as over selling, since a sold out plane will be short seats.

Today's issues with seats can be correlated to what I would call a "hangover" from 737-800Max problems which delayed delivery of many planes and has forced SWA to keep older 700 series planes on routes planned for 800 series planes as well.

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Re: wanna get away flight

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as said above by parpitt, Southwest does not SELL more tickets than it has seats.


Also as said above, Southwest could have had to substitute a smaller plane for a larger onev- thus leading to an "oversold" condition.


There is another way that could happen. Southwest might need to get crew members to another airport so that a flight can operate (no crew=no flight). If the flight is already full, Southwest might be forced to remove some passengers from the plane to make room for the crew members..